And we're back

I took a one-month break from Gastropoda to participate in the JS13kGames challenge with a tiny game called Breaking Brad

But now it’s back to simulations! It’s taking me a while to remember where exactly I left off with Gastropoda last month, but now I think it’s time to figure out how to calculate a snail’s position within a jar. This is important because each snail will detect other objects (items, snails, etc) differently based on its senses. I have to have an actual location for both objects and snails. Right now I’m setting a position randomly when a snail is hatched in a jar, but I have to decide how I’m going to update this position as it crawls. Currently snails crawl at random on HTML5 canvas - they are already starting their crawl from their DB position, but pick direction randomly and then move back and forth across the screen using their speed attribute. So far all I have are some random notes:

Today I’m sick and not thinking straight, so I’m not actually going to even try implementing anything at this point. Back to hot tea for me :(

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