I slept! And next.

First of all: Yay for R18+ games in Australia!

Second of all: I slept for 12 about 10 hours last night. Ten hours. That’s like…ten hours more than I usually do. Just kidding…I do sleep, I’ve just been doing less of it lately. I’ve noticed myself getting a little worn out over the past couple of weeks, like the lack of rest has been catching up with me. It’s kind of to be expected with the amount of work that needs to get done around here on top of personal projects. I finished a “thing” just in time to prepare for going away at the beginning of March - now there are lots of loose ends to tie off, work to finish, assistant instructions and client plan to sort out, etc. And a move! Did I mention I’m moving? All the moving out arrangements, cleaning, etc have been driving me nuts. There’s just so much happening at once.


So far I’ve forced myself not to think about any other ideas and it’s been surprisingly easy. Usually I have tons of stuff going through my head and sometimes I try to start multiple things, but this time that hasn’t been a problem at all. I think I’m getting a lot better at focusing on one thing at a time and I think this partly has to do with actually being able to build what I’m imagining - or being able to learn to build what I’m imagining. This means that I don’t feel the urge to jump around from one thing to another each time I get stuck on something because I know I can figure out how to get unstuck and keep going. I also need to make sure that there’s a high enough level of emotional investment in every project to keep this up.


Yesterday I started speccing out the next project. Briefly. Nothing major, more like the very basics of the gameplay. I’ve also started thinking about what engine to use.

I’m not sure if I want to use Impact for the engine or try my hand at Unity. Impact has been amazing (I’ll write a post about it later). What drew me to it in the first place was the excellent documentation and active forum community (any beginner questions I had were already answered either in the docs or on the forum). It has single handedly been the most helpful tool in my learning JavaScript so far and I will forever be grateful to Dominic, the guy who develops Impact all on his own, for creating it.

However, Impact is better for platformers and this game is not going to be a 2D platform game. Even basic things like detecting mouse input as opposed to keyboard input become slightly more convoluted in Impact (though definitely not impossible). I’ll try Impact first and see how it goes. Before this idea starts coming together into a proper game I’ll need to do a lot of experimenting and learning of how to set up the core mechanics. I know what I want it to do and in theory I know how to do it, but it’s putting this into practice and coding it that’ll be the challenge.

The very first step in terms of coding for now will be for me to learn how to do the following:

I have a feeling just the above will take me a while to figure out. I’ve dealt with arrays in the last project, but that was just for level setting and sprite animation; nothing that needs to be populated on the go based on user input. It should be very interesting.

Oh and I also have to catch up on all of those Code Year lessons.

And did I mention yay for R18+ games in Australia?!

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