Excluding mocks from coverage reports

I noticed that my coverage reports were including mock packages.

SnailLife test coverage report including mocks

To get rid of this instead of running go test like this:

go test -race -coverpkg=./... -coverprofile allcoverage1.10rc.out ./...

I am now running it like this:

CVPKG=$(go list ./... | grep -v mocks | tr '\n' ',')
go test -race -coverpkg $CVPKG -coverprofile allcoverage1.10rc.out ./...

go list ./... lists all packages in my project; we pipe that through grep -v mocks to exclude mocks; we then pipe that output to tr '\n' ',' to replace newlines (each package is listed on a new line) with commas. The comma separated list of all packages excluding mocks is then passed to -coverpkg.

The resulting coverage report includes all non-test packages in my project except for mocks.

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