GenghisCon 2012

GenghisCon 2012 was awesome. I didn’t run around trying to do everything as much as I did in the previous years due to

  1. Kind of seeing a lot of it already in the previous years

  2. Being super tired in general

So I spent quite a bit of time lazying around in my room. I think the fact that my dorm room did not look like it was haunted this year and was actually really awesome contributed to this. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to turn on the light, I swear, before someone on Twitter suggested putting my room key card into the slot on the right of the door. Facepalming ensued.

On Friday night there was some general gaming goodness (Mario Kart!), pizza, Pathfinder, and a little bit of alcohol by the river. Baileys, Cruisers, and Rekordelig to be exact (but fairly minute amounts of each).

On Saturday I was an idiot and missed the panel that I had been waiting for - Digital Economies. However I did attend the very interesting panel on Cryonics and then a portion of a panel on the death of Stargate. There was also the Mario Party tournament which, as far as I’m concerned, never happened.

And on Sunday I attended a panel on “The Scene” - piracy, where it comes from, and the hierarchy according to which different sources get their files. We also touched a bit on the strict rules that teams pirating games, movies, etc have to adhere to and talked about everything from torrents to usenet to IRC. Very interesting.

Then there was another nap and, finally, the LARP tournament. I did not “officially” participate this year, but did get into some makeshift scuffles after the winner was crowned:

[gallery link=“file”]

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