Running, unfortunate sprites, and GDC sessions

Sweden is slowly getting warmer. I’m hoping by the time I get back from SF it’ll be all nice and sunny. Then I can finally start running outside again, and get a bike to cycle around the city instead of catching subways everywhere. Stockholm is too pretty to be on a subway. The run to work would now be a bit under 5km, perfect warmup distance for the real training - for a half marathon. Maybe. Possibly. I’m not going to commit to anything until I can test running outside a bit more. I’m not really a big fan of long distance running and only want to run a half for the sake of the accomplishment. 5-10km is usually the most I can do when it comes to actually enjoying the run.

The new apartment is great. I’ve somehow managed to develop an obsession with keeping the kitchen clean while continuing to display zero cooking skill or enthusiasm. It’s just such a nice fricking kitchen, with this awesome setup where you can sit at the wooden table next to the heater and work for hours.

Promiscuous Flea is going ok except for my pathetic sprites. It seems that as my coding experience goes up any sort of artistic ability I used to possess diminishes proportionally. People used to tell me I was going to be an artist someday. Clearly there was a hiccup in the great plan somewhere, likely right around the time I made a rectangle move across an HTML5 canvas for the first time. It’s like…who cares what the rectangle looks like? It moves!

This does not bode well for the actual look of my games.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to sort out the schedule for all the sessions I want to attend at GDC. The ones I really want to make it to are:

I may or may not be secretly hoping that one or more of the CD Projekt RED speakers will leak something…anything about Cyberpunk 2077.

I’ve had to cull a lot of sessions because they conflicted with each other, but the end result is still pretty evenly split between programming and design topics.

Back to making fleas hump each other. You can see the code-in-progress here, by the way.

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