Laravel migration done

The first commit auto-tweeted from the @gastropoda_ twitter account yesterday was actually the last commit dedicated to the Laravel port reimplementation:

Yeah, that one. It contained basically some racing fixes and the reimplementation of recurring events (snail idle actions, store restocking, nightly snail energy depletion), the corner store, and user inventory.

Laravel - you have arrivedI started the port on July 10, so accounting for 2 days away in Amsterdam where no snail work got done, overall it took 16 days to migrate everything to Laravel (between about 1-4 hours of work per day).

From now on any further work on Gastropoda will move past the functionality of the vanilla PHP version. And I’ve already started! I’ve implemented rudimentary race logs and action templates (right now the only action template is ‘move’, but there will be lots of other actions a snail can perform during a race).

The Gastropoda board on Trello has been helping me keep track of my progress and it’s getting fuller by the day. If you haven’t checked out Trello yet, you should. Here is a non-referral link or, if you’re feeling nice, a referral link.

Up next I’ll be working on whatever the crap I want. More specifically, I might start with adding a couple more action templates for the races. Then I might switch to something totally different and look into generating better shell patterns and colors on the snails. The snails are actually displayed on HTML5 canvas (since they crawl), so all of that is done in JS/HTML5. I bet I can get some really cool and more natural looking visual effects in place of the placeholder patterns I have now. I also still need to capture a static snail image and store it in the DB for cases where a single snail avatar needs to be displayed as a simple image only.

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