Keeda is infected. Zombie virus?

Thankfully not a zombie virus (I checked - she did not develop a taste for human flesh).

Yesterday we saw that my dog Keeda had a paw infection and eye infection (yes, at the same time). The eye infection isn’t unusual, she tends to get this once a year or so and my mom has found that rinsing the eye lightly with chamomile tea helps to get rid of it within a couple of days (apparently they use this same method for babies in Ukraine).

The paw, however, was another story. Her right-hind paw pad was a swollen and pink mass and so painful looking. I instantly made an appointment to go to the local vet hospital, which thankfully is open on Sundays. They book us in for 2:45pm.

Upon inspection, the vet said that it was probably a grass seed that got into her pad and that it most likely was already out with just the infection left. The vet took Keeda out back and gave her a shot to keep the swelling and pain down for 48 hours. She then bandaged up her leg in the back-room while I waited outside. Poor Keeda looked so worried as she was being led away. I sat in the waiting area for 10-15 minutes and finally my baby was led out with a bandaged paw and a plastic ‘bowl’ on her head to keep her from picking at the bandage. We were given a week’s worth of antibiotics to give her twice daily.

Sad Keeda

About 30-40 minutes and $300 worth of vet bills later we were home, where just to make our luck worse everything was wet. It was rainy yesterday. Keeda is mostly an outside dog (she sleeps in the laundry while it’s cold at night) because C is allergic. If he comes in contact with her fur he gets asthma, red welts, itchy eyes, and other symptoms. We knew the bandage had to stay dry, so we put her in the laundry for the afternoon, where I lay with her to keep her company. She finally fell asleep on top of me, nuzzling into my shirt.

My mom was nice enough to take her for a few days while she heals. There’s no allergic boyfriend at her house and Keeda can stay inside, keeping her bandage nice and dry. We have a follow-up vet appointment to change the bandage and take a look at her progress at 6:30 on Thursday. The vet said that the antibiotics and bandage should be sufficient, but if something is still lodged in the pawpad, no matter how small, that refrains the infection from going down we’ll need to take her into surgery and open up the pad to search for whatever it is and pick it out. I really hope it doesn’t come to that - poor dog :(

But I’m confident that Keeda will be back to her old self soon! Healthy Keeda

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