Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Missing Link DLC

Late last night/early this morning I finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Just now I finished the DLC: The Missing Link.

This post was going to be a review, but that’s not going to happen right now; I’m still processing what just happened.

Deus Ex: HR pulled me into the story like very few games ever have. Looking back, possibly like no game ever has. It’s made me want to play more FPSes - a genre that I’ve never, ever been able to fully get into before (preferring the PvP aspect of MMOs and RTSes). It’s made me lie in bed and think about the story, transhumanism in general and how it would affect the less privileged who can’t afford to take advantage of technological advancements. It’s made me zone out during what would otherwise be a very interesting movie and think both about the storyline and the potential dangers and benefits of the technologies it presents. I don’t think a game has ever followed me around so much in my life (except for Guild Wars…though what I thought about with Guild Wars was mechanics and my next PvP build, not philosophical questions about the future of humanity).

All I can say at this moment as I watch The Missing Link credits scrolling up on other screen is there’s now a big gaping hole where Deus Ex used to be. I’ve spoken about the same sort of feeling that books give me sometimes and it hasn’t happened quite like that with a game before, until now.

Don’t get me wrong, Deus Ex: Human Revolution wasn’t without its flaws. The graphics weren’t exactly cutting edge (but the overall atmosphere and feel of the environment was amazing). I noticed some silly things that didn’t really frustrate me, but stood out (like alarms not being audible in offices in The Missing Link if the doors were closed…one would expect alarms to be audible throughout the entire compound to…you know…alarm people). But none of this is important because the story and overall feel of the game made these things too easy to overlook.

The end of The Missing Link credits just scrolled up:

_“We hope you stick around, because we’re just getting started…” _ I hope you are, Eidos. I hope you are.

On a related note: this was officially the first game I finished on Adam (the new PC).

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