I'm going to EB Expo 2011 - with a media pass thanks to iiNet

Thanks to iiNet, I have a media pass to EB Expo in the Gold Coast next week. Also big thanks to Jess for nominating me to come along with the second pass. We will be exploring the expo, taking lots of pictures, possibly talking to some developers, and documenting our experiences over October 15 and 16.

I’m excited - as someone who hasn’t travelled interstate since she got to Australia at the end of 2005 until earlier this year, I sure am getting to travel a lot now (a lot for me, that is). Some of you will recall that Soup and the Panasonic Insider Crew sent me to Melbourne a few months ago to attend the 2011 Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch, which was an awesome experience. So not only do I get to actually see other parts of Australia, but I get to attend completely awesome events while I’m at it!

I had some trouble booking flights at first (my own stupidity), but Jetstar helped me sort it out (fingers crossed) and now all I have to do is show up at the airport and not get lost/miss my flight/fall down an elevator shaft/get run over by a plane. Then all I have to do is try to find my way to the Gold Coast from Brisbane on this train that I’ve been reading about…holy crap that’s a lot of pressure. Thankfully I’m arriving in Brisbane early Friday morning, so I can chill out and find my way slowly without having to worry about being late for anything.

I secretly wished that Arenanet was coming to** EB Expo 2011**, in which case I would systematically tear down walls, doors, and bodies to get to talk to them about Guild Wars 2 and worship the ground they stand on, but I guess it is not to be. Darn. Regardless, the list of attending presenters looks awesome and I can’t wait!

I will be live tweeting from the EB Expo and you’ll be able to read all about our trip on the iiNet blog after the event.

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