A traumatic [read: wimpy] experience

This Monday I went to the doctor about my leg pain. She ruled out a stress fracture and said it was most likely a calf strain, but that the pain I describe could also point to deep vein thrombosis.

“I’ll just take a little blood so we can run a test.” She told me.

I froze like a deer in headlights in my chair. “Blood? Right…right now?”

“Yes, just to rule out the unlikely possibility of deep vein thrombosis.”

“Um yeah…is that blood from the finger or the vein?” (Not that it matters)

“Vein.” She says.

“How important is it to see if I have deep vein thrombosis?”

“I think it’s pretty important…”

After vehemently explaining to her that I literally pass out and go into panic mode when there is a needle near me she offered to give me a sedative. Yes please. Unfortunately the only sedative they had on hand was rectal - no thank you. So it took them a while to hunt around for the oral version and when the nurse finally walked up to me in the waiting room with a plastic cup holding half a tiny white pill I was so freaked out by what was to come that it took all of my willpower to not run out of the office - or limp out of the office, in my case. I was then told that I’m allowed to go outside and get a coffee or something while the sedative takes effect. By the time I waddled back to the doctor half an hour later I was in an unfocused daze…but still - a freaked out unfocused daze.

I think if I had so much as glanced at the needle when the nurse sat me down in the evil looking blood-drawing chair I would have gotten sick right there. Fortunately I managed to look away as she attempted to distract me by asking me about my job. It felt like an hour, but in reality after the disgusting prick in the crook of my arm the whole thing was over much faster than I expected. If it lasted any longer I probably would have blacked out, since the room was already spinning and I felt the blood draining from…well, it seemed to be draining from everywhere.

Before I knew it she was taping a cotton ball to my inner elbow. It’s not the pain that freaks me out, see, it’s the idea of a needle going into my skin…my arm gets uncomfortable just thinking about it now.

I was warned that I’d be drowsy for a couple of hours until the sedative wore off. This was not the case. I felt like a drugged up turtle for the entire day, had to go home early, and collapsed as soon as my face managed to find my bed.

Apparently in Sweden, when it comes to doctors, no news is good news. So when I didn’t get a call telling me that have DVT yesterday I just took it as “You don’t have DVT, yay!”. Unfortunately my leg is not feeling any better…it’s going to be a long and frustrating road to recovery. A snail’s pace, one might say.

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