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Date Title
Staff? Who, me? Read →
The leaves Read →
Sympathy is difficult Read →
How leg extensions saved my knees (quick, knock all the wood!) Read →
My WFH workspace evolution Read →
Glastonbury: the Tor and Avalon Orchard Read →
Glastonbury: getting there and the town Read →
Avantone Pro Planar first impressions Read →
PiccoloCane Tanto2 pet stroller review Read →
Reflections on starting a limited company in Sweden Read →
Experimenting with remote work locations Read →
War and K2 Read →
I risk becoming a hermit and liking it Read →
Will my new blood pressure monitor be the thing to get me to finally meditate? Read →
Social media break Read →
The quest for a humidifier Read →
Spring and Rigel Read →
Litter Robot 3 Review Read →
Time blocking Read →
Investing in sustainable food Read →
Happy-ish New Year Read →
Social distancing ramblings Read →
2019 Travels Read →
Happy New Year Read →
Update on Rigel and response from DjurAkuten Read →
The month from Hell Read →
Summer holidays and Amsterdam Read →
A move and a quick Gastropoda update Read →
My 3 favorite Södermalm cafes to work in Read →
A cycling adventure Read →
It's summer! Read →
An icy walk of creepitude Read →
How not to run Midnattsloppet Read →
A traumatic [read: wimpy] experience Read →
Revelation: I don't actually want to run a half marathon... Read →
A weekend of train-ventures, dodgy restaurants, and the most amazing weather in the universe. Read →
Running, unfortunate sprites, and GDC sessions Read →
More tea...Silver Needle! Read →
A potentially unwise newfound interest in tea. Read →
Sweden update - snow and Finland and Russian food and stuff! Read →
So long and thanks for all the fish. Read →
I miss Alabama sometimes. Here are things that remind me of it. Read →
Heads up: going away. Not dead. Read →
GenghisCon 2012 Read →
What I did last year Read →
What an awesome weekend. New keyboard and mouse, Fremantle, and a great run. Read →
Cryonics and mind transfer Read →
No, I don't want a fracking coupon. Read →
Visiting Melbourne Read →
Help me save Shaun from diabetes Read →
iiNet TopGeek - Game Over (for me) Read →
I have just been reminded how much our mailbox sucks. Read →
I made it into TopGeek Top 20 :) Read →
Claiming belief vs knowledge Read →
D&D and Speed Fighting Read →
Busy weekend - Atrium at Burswood, D&D, and Jarrahdale Hike Read →
Ghosting it up - Party at the Prison Read →
Rearranging my schedule Read →
Laser Eye Surgery is a-Go! Read →
Derren Brown Guesses Lottery Numbers Read →
Jim Sparks - Alien Abductee Read →
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