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Mike Shinoda's video game NFT dreams Read →
14 years of game dev Read →
Steven Enns and "Craftsmanship" Read →
We're more than halfway through the #1GAM year! What I've made so far. Read →
A first try at object pooling Read →
Still drawing... #onegameamonth Read →
One Game a Month - Animatch progress Read →
Saving game state with HTML5 localStorage and JSON - a rough working draft Read →
Dabbling in UI Read →
Js13kGames entry finally submitted. Now I can think about something else, right? RIGHT? Read →
KROOG - @Js13kGames entry Read →
Can we just stop being unappreciative jerks please? Read →
Fun per genre - MMORPGs Read →
Documentation, placeholder audio, and object interaction Read →
Entity states, animations, and other random stuff Read →
Work, work Read →
1pm breakfast after a 4am night - a JavaScript hangover Read →
JavaScript lighting making slow progress Read →
Working on JavaScript lighting Read →
Entity spawning diagrams, dynamic attributes, and The Making of Prince of Persia Read →
JavaScript learning review Read →
Top down perspective vs isometric projection/2.5D Read →
Path follow mostly working - on to detecting adjacent nodes Read →
On luck and having awesome friends. Read →
An update on Gwen - we have path follow. Read →
Hello, Gwen. Read →
I slept! And next. Read →
Trent Reznor started this rant. Read →
Linear vs nonlinear games Read →
Should we be gamifying our lives? Read →
The Project Dust/From Dust trailer reminds me of something Read →
Things I am most looking forward to this year Read →
I'm lucky - I have help. #snails Read →
How does one draw an endearing snail? Read →
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