The men of Eurovision 2011

I’ve been watching some of the Eurovision 2011 videos on YouTube, but some of the hype and awesomeness is just lost when you’re not able to watch the whole thing from beginning to end. For the convenience of anyone who happens to be interested in the hottest male Eurovision 2011 performers, I have included my personal favorites below:

1. Russia

As Ellen said, this guy looks so typically Russian. Now my boyfriend knows why I’ve been pushing him to visit Ukraine and Russia for so long. Meet my family? Pffft - it’s for the eye candy!

[youtube style=“text-align:center”]T_UD4z8xmrs[/youtube]

2. Sweden

A very, very close second. In fact I’m still not really sure if I like Russia or Sweden better. If you manage to disregard the cheesy lyrics, this Eric Saade guy is actually really hot: [youtube style=“text-align:center”]Nfx0OMM2u0A[/youtube]

3. Denmark

Someone commented on this video that Denmark stole Jedward’s hairspray. They were probably right, but he’s still really hot (with a catchy song) [youtube style=“text-align:center”]yjVEzvWVD-Y[/youtube]

4. Italy

I don’t find this guy conventionally handsome, but there’s just something about him that gives off a sexy vibe. This was also my favorite Eurovision entry this year. [youtube style=“text-align:center”]gYcB2hrI4-8[/youtube]

Who was your favorite of the above? Interesting question considering most of my readers are male.

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