Stop Cancelling TV Series

I really hate TV networks. What do the following TV series have in common:

First, I got into and enjoyed all three over the past year. Second, they have all been cancelled. Well, I’m not actually sure if The Cape has been full cancelled. Production was immediately stopped after the 10th episode finished filming - there were originally meant to be 13 - so everyone is expecting that it will not be back. Every single one, the rug ripped out from under them so early after their beginning. It’s not just disappointing - it hurts when you connect with characters (or even one character) in a show only to find out that they’re never to return again. For me, it’s kind of like losing a friend forever.

The latest show we’ve been watching is The Cape. I know some people say it’s cheesy, but I was really enjoying it. I especially liked the main villain - Peter Flemming, also known as Chess. I looked forward to seeing him in each episode. He was just so much cooler than The Cape was with his arrogance and evil antics, and not to mention he was extremely sexy. Way sexier than The Cape. We have now almost finished the season and today I find out that there will not be a second one. That’s it for The Cape. I will never get to see Chess again.

It fricking sucks, guys. After the canning of Caprica and SGU I’ve actually been afraid to get attached to new a new series for fear of it getting pulled and me having to relive the disappointment, but I took a chance on The Cape and was hooked after the first episode. That’s what I get for putting myself out there. It kind of sounds like I’m talking about a bad relationship here, doesn’t it? “Oh, she never learns, she just keeps coming back for more.” That’s exactly how I feel right now!

I need to stick to books or movies. Things that end, so that there is no expectation for them to continue. But you know, if a movie or book is really that excellent there is still that horrible sense of loss when you finish the last page; of knowing that there will not be a continuation, that this is it for these characters. It’s like they’re stuck in this endless loop re-enacting the same events over and over again and you wish there would be a sequel or something to break them out of the box. The latest book that comes to mind which gave me that hurt disappointed feeling upon completion was Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Also, Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. I wish I wouldn’t get so drawn into these storylines, or so attached to these characters. You know you have a problem when you’re this disappointed after finishing a certain book or hearing that a particular show has been cancelled. Is there a “Fictionaholics Anonymous” somewhere out there?

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