Rottnest Fun Run 2009

This was by far my most tiring, busiest, and most fun weekend in a while. Here’s how it panned out:

On Saturday, my amazing driving instructor picked me up from HHRay’s house for our 8:30 am driving lesson. We limited the lesson to an hour because he knew I had to be in Fremantle that morning and practiced parking. I actually did quite well and am starting to feel like maybe I won’t become a safety hazard when and if I ever get my actual license. I’m still doubtful that they’ll want to unleash me onto the roads of Perth, but we’ll see.

I then quickly got ready in 20 minutes or so and HHRay’s dad’s girlfriend was kind enough to drop me off at the Cockburn train station. I caught up on much needed sleep on the bus and when I finally reached Fremantle the weather was just getting seriously hot (well, seriously hot until real summer actually kicks in).

Wayne flew in from the U.S. that Friday and we were meeting in Fremantle before our trip to Rottnest on Sunday. I knew Wayne to be a great hummus lover, so decided to feed the addiction by bringing him some hummus as a Perth welcome gift. Now, by this time the hummus wasn’t exactly cool. In fact, I wasn’t sure if it was even still edible due to me carrying it around for 2 hours in the heat. Wayne tasted the hummus with a suspicious look on his face, sniffed, and declared that it was “OK”. By this time anything better than “It’s gone off. I’m going to die." was great in my book.

We spent the day semi-exploring Fremantle, pretending to be related, honing our Ninja skills, eating ice cream, comparing iPhone apps (my collection was, of course, superior), wearing zombie masks, and drinking some sort of blueberry tea. I think the biggest surprise of the day was that Wayne had no idea what a Snuggie was. What kind of a fashionista is he? Every reputable girl knows what a Snuggie is, even if she doesn’t have one. Wayne, for your convenience I made this so that you would be able to picture how great you’d look in a Snuggie:

Wayne in a Snuggie with Hummus

Anyway, when I got back to HHRay’s house the weather was still nice and warm. I suffered through a soaking wet bear hug as he got out of the pool, we had dinner, and I caught the bus back to my house as HHRay went out clubbing with some friends. I hadn’t eaten except for ice cream all day, so the dinner didn’t exactly fill me up and I ordered something delicious and nutritious from Eagle Boys pizza.

I tried going to sleep early, I really did. But the Rottnest 5km Fun Run which I’d be running tomorrow (the same day as the Rottnest marathon) was keeping me up. I made sure to prepare everything for the day: triple check the dates and times, make sure I had our tickets, grab a sufficient number of pins for the race numbers, make sure the race numbers were in their envelopes, make sure my running clothes didn’t suddenly shrink or stretch overnight, and all of that other good stuff. I even went for a 2km run just to make sure everything was in working order.  Finally, after an episode of Stargate Universe and a movie, I managed to fall asleep at about 2am.

Fast forward to 10:30am - start of the race. By this time Wayne has successfully managed to convince a lady that he’s my father and we have picked out our two “targets” for the race - the people we’d be striving to beat. His was a fast and fit-looking young man. Mine was a 10-year-old looking girl.

So the race started and I took off - or rather shuffled off - on the course. At first I was thinking_ “Hey, this isn’t as hilly or_ _windy as I was expecting!_” The wind never ended up bothering me, but I was so wrong about the hills. Slowly I felt myself starting to climb. I ran up the first “big” (in my book) hill, but had to actually jog/walk up the second. Thankfully, the ascent in the first half of the race could only mean one thing on the way back - a downhill run. At one point I saw Wayne pass me, not looking tired at all. I thought about being jealous, but then remembered that I could never be jealous of someone who’s never seen a Snuggie and continued on my way. I looked something like this (reenactment):

Rottnest Fun Run 5km Reenactment

By the end of the race I was sweating profusely, my legs felt like lead, and I struggled to keep up my breathing pattern. All of a sudden I see this flash of vampire-like skin approaching in the distance and realize that wow, this must be Wayne coming back. It was. He ran with me the rest of the way, which wasn’t as long as I expected, and I got a good sprint in toward the end.

Wayne finished something like either 6th or 11th, we won’t know until the results are posted on the **WAMC **website (which they have been for the Marathon, but not for the Fun Runs as of yet). We ate, had a rest, and then decided to hire out some bikes and explore the island. I learned that Wayne takes great pictures of himself. I can never get the angle just right when I’m camera-whoring, but his form and lighting was excellent:

Wayne’s Photography Skills

We tried to get a photo of us feeding a quokka  a leaf, but by the time we got my phone out and turned on the camera the quokka was no longer interested. So Wayne took a photo of me accepting a leaf instead, so you can see what the quokka would look like if it wasn’t being so snobby and rejecting our offering:

Quokka Feeding

Other than that we also climbed a sand dune:

Wayne Blending in with the Sand

I make fun of him, but we’re both pretty much just as pale as each other:

Wayne’s Photography Skills

Anyway, it was a fun weekend and I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I got home. I had it easy, though. Wayne had to do a 2-hour talk straight after we got back from Rottnest.

That night I was very happy to see and make up with HHRay, but there’s a whole another story there so I’ll leave it for another post. We still have some things to resolve, but it was great to see him and get my dosage of cuddles.

Also that night, I realized that I forgot to put sunscreen on my back, so my shoulders are pretty burnt (though thankfully not peeling…my skin isn’t the peeling kind I think, it just goes red). I’m so happy that I have tomorrow off. I need a sleep-in. Not to mention my laser eye surgery consultation appointment is tomorrow, so it’s going to be very exciting!

Overall, I had an excellent weekend.

Rottnest Island

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