RIP Steve Jobs

As I said on Twitter, I’m still hoping that the announcement of Steve Jobs' death is a sick joke some hacker played on the Apple site. But as condolences from the likes of Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg are coming in it’s becoming progressively more difficult to refuse to believe it.

I mentioned on Twitter a while ago that celebrity deaths don’t really hit me hard…I don’t feel much of anything. When Steve Irwin died, it was just another person. When Heath Ledger died, it was just another person (even though I loved his movies). When Michael Jackson died, it was another person. People die every day. Sure I was sad for them and wished they didn’t die, like I wish nobody would ever die and we’d live forever in immortal fairy land.

But when I read that Steve Jobs died something was different. I still can’t really put my finger on it, but I’m definitely upset right now. I read all the bad stories about Jobs' leadership tactics, made fun of his turtlenecks and didn’t really follow his life much in-between. But in the end this man was¬†Apple. I say that, but I don’t even like Apple as a brand (their pushy marketing tactics, purposefully crippled releases, the fake polished image of how awesome they are when production of their products in factories overseas is shady just like other manufacturers). I do like their products, though, and anyone with a brain can see that Steve Jobs ingeniously and meticulously calculated every move to position his brand for success. And Steve Jobs was, and is, and hopefully will be, in every single Apple product any one of us owns.

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