Proclamation of undying love - vividwireless

Dear vividwireless,

Before I had you, I was lost. We hadn’t had the internet in our rental for over half a year. I don’t know how I survived that long! I became but a shadow of my former self - hiding out in smelly Internet Cafes in the city and spending all of my iPhone’s 3G allowance on tethering. I was on the edge, dipping my toes in the cold, cruel world of high Vodafone data bills and sweaty strangers watching YouTube videos til midnight while I tried to work and dreamt of the glory days of actually being able to play Guild Wars.

Finally my boyfriend and I decided enough is enough. We were going to go with TPG naked broadband. My spirits soared - the next day, my boyfriend would be calling them up to set up our very own Internet connection!

Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as I hoped. We were informed that we’d need to first pay to set up a phone line with Telstra, then pay for the TPG setup, then pay to have the phone line disconnected as we didn’t want a landline. The process was not only expensive, but also sounded long. I crashed again - what’s the point? This will take ages, we may as well just keep going the way we are now.

Then I saw the bus. That wonderful bus that was like the hand of God coming down to show me that there’s another way! The bus on the back of which was your ad - $75 per month for unlimited 4G wireless internet. I called my boyfriend immediately and told him to drop everything and check you out. He was skeptical - understandably so. We were starting to believe we’d be stuck in this Internet-less rut forever! That day I scoured for reviews on Whirlpool and anywhere else I could find them, as did he. In the end we had to concede and admit (while knocking on wood so as no to jinx it) that there seemed to be no holes. In fact the only thing that raised a tiny flag for us was that unlimited connections could be capped at your, vivid’s, discretion. However all reviews and forum posts we’ve read about people’s usage suggested that nobody seems to have hit that cap - even people who were downloading over three times what we normally do.

For those who don’t know - vividwireless has a 4G wireless Internet network and one of their plans offers unlimited data allowance for $75AUD per month. They have different modems to choose from depending on your requirements, such as a USB modem, WiFi hotspot, and Home Gateway (which is what we went for)

I was excited and jumpy all that night. Tomorrow, the boyfriend would be calling vivid to ask some questions about you and, if all is well, sign up and bring you home!

The next day, you broke through the boyfriend’s last line of defense. His questions were answered to his satisfaction, the Home Gateway was paid for ($309 including delivery), and we were officially waiting for you to arrive!

From memory, you got there the very next day. It’s all a little blurry as I was surrounded by a cloud of excited haze and relief. It was a matter of plugging in the power cable and we were good to go!

I haven’t looked back since. No more sweaty Internet cafes, no more ridiculously high Vodafone data bills. All that was behind me now. That’s not to say that you and I didn’t have our tiffs and differences, vivid. At one point our connection became temperamental and started cutting out every few minutes after modem reset. It took several phone calls to get you back on track and working - I’m not sure how we wronged you, but I’m glad we have it sorted out now and that our relationship is going smoothly. Our speeds sometimes reached 1MB per second, mostly hovering around the 700-800KB mark.

Yesterday I thought we had another problem on our hands, vivid. My boyfriend was running some downloads and you kept cutting out. I was doing some client work as well as Internet banking and was getting quite frustrated with you indeed. After several times restarting the modem and still no help, I was getting ready to call your support line. However, we later found out that it seemed like your modem couldn’t seem to handle the actual speeds at which you were downloading that night. My boyfriend noticed that his download speeds were reaching 1.4MB per second. Then the connection would drop, we’d restart the modem, and you’d go up to 1.4MB again and drop out again. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen, but we’re not complaining! The boyfriend capped his download manager to a maximum speed of 800KB per second just to be safe and we didn’t have a problem for the rest of the night. I think next time we’ll cap you at 1MB as you were definitely able to handle that in the past.

I love our no-strings-attached relationship. We have you for a year and then we can dump you (although right now I don’t see us ever wanting to!). No crazy setup fees, no having to get a phone line; you’re pretty much plug and play and ready to have some fun as soon as you arrive.

So thank you, vividwireless, for being awesome. Sure, we will hit some bumps along the road (what kind of a relationship would it be without any bumps?). But as long as you continue delivering speedy downloads and don’t become too high maintenance, I don’t think we’ll be leaving you any time soon.

[UPDATE - Nov 23, 12:29AM] Vivid, we thought we really had a problem this time. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t, either way we sorted it out. For some reason today both of our mobiles and my iPad could connect to you fine, but neither of our laptops could. I decided to change the channel in the router settings from Auto and voila - you’re back online and more awesome than ever! The boyfriend reports download speeds between 1 and 1.3MB with no dropouts as of yet.

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