Liza Shulyayeva


Like everyone else, I get quite a bit of recruiter mail. If the email seems more than just a templated message sent to hundreds of people, I usually try to respond and thank them for reaching out even if I’m not interested.

But at least even the obviously boilerplate, templated recruiter mails are usually written professionally.

I recently got an email in which the recruiter for some reason could not be bothered to write out the word “please”. Everything else was spelled out and clear, but at the end the email asked me to “pls" forward my CV, or “pls” share the email with my colleagues, and it really threw me off. This is clearly a non-personalized email. This same email was probably sent to dozens of people. Is it so difficult to spell “please” and maintain some modicum of professionalism?

I probably sound like some kind of spelling grouch, but we’re not talking about someone chatting with a friend, or an exchange with a coworker, or even corresponding with someone you’ve already had an email exchange with before. We’re not even talking about a typo! Typos happen! We’re talking about purposeful “chatspeak” in a long-form email by someone approaching potential candidates about a job, whom they have no relationship or prior communication of any kind with. Am I the only one who is a bit put off by this?!

I’m kind of tempted to reply “No thx”.

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