Now you don't have to email me to ask me stuff. So don't.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started getting a random influx of people emailing me with questions, some of which are really cool but a little repetitive (and no, not the “I am beautiful 20 year old Russian woman, you looking for wife?” or “You need to keep it up for longer?” kind). Not sure if this is just some sort of phase as it started pretty suddenly and I can’t see anything special in my list of referring sites, but because I’ve actually gotten to the stage of copying and pasting some answers to some questions I decided to just install a FAQ plugin and list these kinds of things on the site. I love talking to people, but I also like to minimize the amount of stuff in my inbox (that and I’ll probably just end up responding faster here).

So now…if you want to ask me about parrots or games or whatever strikes your fancy, you can head over here. Note that I will ignore any most some troll-y questions. And Baz and Ellen are the only ones allowed to mention short shorts. Of course you can still email me at me at if you want to ask a private question, but I don’t really get many of those. Most of them have been about fluffy stuff like favorite games and general geekery.

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