My favorite science fiction movies

In not too structured an order, but generally going down to the most favorite.

The Island

The Island movie


Pandorum movie

Repo Men

Repo Men movie



Avatar movie poster


Gattaca movie

PS: Believe it or not while putting together the list of movies for this post took all of ten minutes, I spent a further 15 minutes debating what to call it. I was originally going to call this “My favorite sci-fi movies”, but then for some reason decided to start Googling and saw that apparently science fiction isn’t actually meant to be called sci-fi…so then I wasn’t sure what the heck to call this, because what if to some people the movies I list actually do fit into what is apparently the “dumbed down” and washed out version of science fiction (otherwise apparently known as “sci-fi”), even though I think they’re great (I know Avatar, for example, would probably get some argument on this front)? So instead of inducing a headache with stupid terminology, I decided to avoid shortening of any sort and just call the damn thing “science fiction”.

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