So I’ve kind of held off on talking about this on Twitter, but I’m now getting DMs and phone calls from Tweeps checking if I’m ok, so I figured I’d better assure you all in a space that holds more than 140 characters. This post is password protected because…well…I’m not really interested in drawing much attention to the whole ‘single’ thing for now. I’m still trying to think of a good line to politely turn down date suggestions now that I can’t use “Sorry, my boyfriend wouldn’t like that.” anymore.

Chris and I broke up a couple of days ago. It was mutual. I am ok. I appreciate everyone’s concern and the fact that you guys go out of your way to check on me. If you’re reading this, yes, that’s you. Everything is good. No, really. Things ended amicably and we are still friends.

Reasons don’t really matter. We both realized that we are not very compatible (yes, after five years it finally clicks) and have been more friends than anything else for quite a while. There wasn’t a fight/argument of any sort that caused it. We just had a talk. He is handling it very maturely, which I really appreciate.

Chris is likely moving out in a few weeks if his plans come together. He’s been trying to teach me how to do the things I didn’t have to do before: like catch and release spiders and fix the retic. I will be living by myself in Atwell…which I’ve noticed has been getting dodgier…so I’m thankful for Keeda. In a few months I’ll likely be moving to the much more awesome Aubin Grove. I’ll still be thankful for Keeda :) I’m kind of looking forward to living on my own. Since moving out of home I’ve always either had housemates or been living with Chris. Of course this means I will never be able to watch another scary movie ever again.

If anyone asks - no, I am not ‘available’. A couple of you have already expressed interest in getting me to meet that awesome guy you know and I’m sure they are really awesome, but I’ll just be taking some time to regroup and look back on the last five years. Mistakes were made that should not be made again and it’s important to take the time to sort yourself out after this sort of thing, I think. It’s not like I’ll be actively avoiding men altogether - as someone who hasn’t had much time to be single in her 20s so far I’m sure this will be interesting; I’m just not actively looking for anything and am not interested in being ‘introduced’ to anyone in that way. But again, I really appreciate the thought, you guys are awesome :)

So, that’s about it! Thanks for DMing/SMSing/calling/emailing/FBing/turning up at my house in the middle of the night (just kidding about that last one. Don’t do that.). I also really appreciate that most of you didn’t ask me about it publicly on Twitter and chose to DM instead (but for the couple that did it’s totally cool, don’t worry about it). Like I said, it’s not some big secret; I’m just trying not to talk about it too much just yet. You rock and deserve cake.


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