I Suck at Eating Burgers

I have come to realize that I am seriously missing some skill and coordination when it comes to eating burgers. You see, I’ve never been a fan of burgers and have only started regularly eating them when my work’s offices moved to Leederville, conveniently across the street from the very delicious Jus Burgers burger joint. Since then, I’ve been trying to master the art.

For some reason when I eat burgers the three layers (Top bun, contents, and bottom bun) don’t get eaten at the same time. Before I know it the bottom bun is completely gone and I’m finding myself grasping the top bun and the insides of the burger between my hands. Then comes the weird balancing act of trying to eat the top bun and the rest of the burger together, but somehow I just can never manage to gracefully eat one of these things.

The fact that the little tables you sit at in Jus Burgers are literally a meter away from the open kitchen and staff behind the counter, who are no doubt expert burger eaters, does not make the affair any easier. I sit there trying to eat my burger and not look like a complete idiot in full view of the creators of said burger. Awkward.

But I do love the place. And I did have a very delicious burger today, and some onion rings…and some chips. Which turned out to be a gigantic meal (for me), which I was forced to finish to keep my dignity in front of the manager, who said he’s be “impressed” if I finished the whole thing. But I jest - I was starving, and finishing the meal wasn’t difficult. Besides, now I’ve stocked up enough food in my stomach to last me a week.

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