I obviously have a thing for compound words and fire

Fair warning: This is going to be a completely non game related post.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I’ve been in a state of distress over the past couple of days.

Alexisonfire - Crisis Alexisonfire is dead and I can’t find anything to replace them. My life is over (no, I’m not being serious). But seriously (now I’m being serious), I do get genuinely upset when a band I love splits up and you’ve listened to their stuff so much that you know this constant replaying can’t last forever, but you also know there’s going to be this huge empty space where this big thing used to be. The saddest part is that I’ve only just rediscovered Alexisonfire after a long time (at least, their older and arguably even better stuff like Watch out!). And now I find out that they won’t make this kind of awesomeness ever* again.

Alexisonfire - Watch Out! Anyway I’ve been searching high and low for something as similar to Alexisonfire as possible. Origniality? Who cares. I don’t need originality, I need Dallas Green’s and George Whatever-his-last-name-is’s sweet sweet mix of clean and unclean vocals. Something where the clean stuff don’t sound like it came straight out of an R&B album (I’m looking at you, Jonny Craig), or high pitched to the point of femininity (I’m looking at you, pretty much everyone else). Before you suggest City and Colour: don’t. I like some of their stuff, but Dallas Green is not the same on his own and it’s too folksy. It’s a clever name, though! Get it? Get it?! Dallas = City, Green = Colour. Heh. Heh. Heh.

I tried everything from Dance Gavin Dance to Killswitch Engage to Closure in Moscow to Glassjaw and I The Mighty and Jawbox and The Fall of Troy and more. Some of them were really good (especially Glassjaw and Jawbox!), but not exactly what I was looking for. Nothing could comeclose. to. this, but thanks to everyone for all of the recommendations.

I gave up last night, listening to Smash and feeling sorry for myself and wishing that I had had the initiative to go see Alexisonfire live once, just once before they split. I don’t regret many things in life, but this is one of them. Because they sound amazing live and I wouldn’t even mind feeling like I’m being crushed in a can of sardines for this. In fact, I make this vow: if Alexisonfire ever reunite to play live again in a country that is reachable to me at the time I will find a way to make it there. I will sneak on a plane. I’ll climb a mountain. I will sacrifice a goat if I have to, but I will make it there. Hold me to it, Internet.

And then this happened

Today I found remembered a band that has come closer than anyone to taking that spot that I’ve been trying to fill, just a little bit. I forgot all about them years ago because I am an idiot. I think I have a thing for compound words and fire because guess what this one is called:

[caption id=“attachment_48294” align=“aligncenter” width=“298” caption=“Boysetsfire”] Boysetsfire - After the Eulogy [/caption]

This stuff won’t replace AOF. On the whole too much of their stuff is a bit too blatantly political-messagey for me, but it might keep me distracted. Maybe it’ll grow on me some more. I couldn’t properly enjoy Alexisonfire until about the third playthrough and now look where we are. I think I can cool the AOF search for a bit. This’ll do because:

  1. Some of their music makes me want to jump around the house naked, my criteria for awesome

  2. They have lots of material to keep me occupied

  3. They are not dead yet (score!). They did split up in 2007, but reunited in 2010 and are now working on new material through Burning Heart Records

But mostly because…well…this (the following illustrates an example of Point 1):


So I will begrudgingly take Crisis and Watch Out! off of repeat, let them rest, and leave you with these wise words:

"‘Cause this shit is not about pants And this shit is not about shirts And this shit’s definitly not about hair This shit is about having a good fucking time"

Get Fighted - Alexisonfire

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