Help me save Shaun from diabetes

Hi, this is my friend Shaun: Shaun is a toy soldier with diabetes

Shaun has diabetes. He’s also a personal trainer, but that’s not important because we’re focusing on helping people with diabetes here, not personal trainers. I only mentioned that to make him seem cooler and more endearing to the general public in case the whole SHAUN HAS DIABETES thing hasn’t done it yet. I feel bad because when he has to have his insulin injection if we happen to be in the same room I either run away or close my eyes and cower because I’m afraid of needles. Shaun’s not afraid of needles because he has diabetes, so he’s not allowed.

So I decided to help save Shaun before he becomes an endangered species. I entered the 14km HBF Fun Run, which is on May 22, 2011, and chose Diabetes WA as my fundraising cause. I’ve never run 14km before (12 has been my max) and the farthest Fun Run I’ve ever done was only 5km! But I know I can do it, because if I don’t and people donate it will be very embarrassing.

Help me save Shaun from his overactive immune system

If you’d like to help Shaun (and other people with diabetes in WA), please consider sponsoring me in this year’s HBF Fun Run. Here are some photos of Shaun in everyday situations:

Shaun drinking

In this photo Shaun is probably drinking his sorrows away and trying to forget he has diabetes


In this photo…….Shaun continues to have diabetes.

Sad Shaun

In this photo Shaun is mulling over his predicament and wishing someone could help to find a cure for diabetes

Sponsor Me! in the 14KM HBF Fun Run to help me raise funds for Diabetes WA. Even a little donation can help a lot!

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