Favorite search terms - Deus Ex edition

I love looking at the search terms that people found this site through once every few days or so because some of them are really interesting/weird/hilarious. I often feel the urge to respond to some of these people that found my site through particular terms, even though I know they will probably never be back again. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to respond to some of my favorites here in the hope that maybe their owners will one day come back and stumble across my responses.

Time frame - Sep 1, 2011 - Sep 4, 2011

“adam jensen is fine looking”, “adam jensen is sexy”

I completely agree with you, whoever you are. Adam Jensen is indeed fine looking and sexy.

“can you play deus ex human revolution in 3rd person”

ALSO: “deus ex” 3rd person mod", “deus ex human revolution can u have 3rd person view”, “how to have 3rd person look on dex human revolution”, “deus ex human revolution can u play third person”, “deus ex third person view setting?”, “deus ex third person view”, “deus ex third person view setting?”, “deus ex: human revolution third person mod”, “does deus ex have third person mode”, “deus ex human revolution can u play third person”

No, you can’t play Deus Ex: Human Revolution in 3rd person. I know. They shove his sexiness in our faces and don’t let us look at him unless we’re climbing, in cover, or in a cinematic sequence.

“bird poop”

Your mom.

“deus ex human framerates”

The framerate I get on my Mac Mini running Windows 7 is usually 20-23 FPS. I know. Sucks.

“deus ex human revolution i didn’t want this”

WTF is wrong with you? I didn’t ask for this.

“deus ex human revolution what to do when its finished”

Live out the rest of your hollow, meaningless existence looking back at that time you played Deus Ex.

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