Eyeglasses and avoiding regression after LASIK

I got laser eye surgery (LASIK) on October 29, 2009. For those who are curious, here are my two posts about the process - one about my initial consultation and one detailing the surgery and recovery itself. My reasons for LASIK were simple:

  1. My eyesight was seriously crap. It was becoming a hindrance to everyday life.

  2. I had prescription glasses, but hated wearing them. Having to rely on an external thing to see properly felt like permanently being on crutches

The surgery went well and now, exactly two years and one day later, my vision is close to 20/20 (my right eye is a tiny bit lacking). I remember the first morning after the surgery, when my eye shields came off - it was like coming up from under water and suddenly seeing the world in HD. It was amazing!

Unfortunately a long distance acquaintance of mine in the U.S. wasn’t quite so lucky with her laser eye surgery. She had hers done before me (which makes me a little apprehensive) and her vision regressed. It’s apparently still better than it was before, but a couple of weeks ago she bit the bullet and admitted that she needed to buy some eyeglasses. Corrective surgery is fricking expensive. She’s been emailing me on a pretty much daily basis with links to different options so to finally get her off my back (just kidding) I sent her a link to Zenni Optical, which claims to have awesome cheap eyeglasses. I’m not sure how high quality the actual lenses are because I haven’t had personal experience with them and I did read about some problems with the shipping, but the styles look cool and the vast majority of reviews I found online are positive. Sam (if you’re reading this), if you don’t find something here - you suck. The site actually made me kind of ponder if I shouldn’t be thinking of eyeglasses as a crutch but as a fashion accessory. You can search by color, so I’ve been perusing the green ones.

As for regression - I am a little worried. Some steps that I will be taking to keep my eyesight up for as long as possible:

That’s not to say that Sam’s eyes wouldn’t have regressed even if she had done all these things and it absolutely sucks that this happened. And of course everybody’s eyesight changes as they get older as well, so my eyes won’t stay this way forever even if the same kind of more acute regression doesn’t take place. I guess I’m just trying to hold it off for as long as possible. So…any eyesight-maintenance advice?

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