Dream Diary: I was Pregnant! And Died. And Won the 1 Million Mile Race!

I had a freaky dream last night. It wasn’t scary, just…freaky. The jist of it was - I agreed to get pregnant. Then I got really freakishly scared. Freakishly scared. I couldn’t believe I had agreed to this - I hate the idea of pregnancy, why the heck did I say I’d get pregnant? I couldn’t go back now.

Something happened - suddenly I was looking at myself from the outside of my body, but the me in the dream didn’t look like me in real life. Everything was black and then I woke up with a closeup of my face. It slowly zoomed out. I was still pregnant. I was sitting in something that looked like a jailcell or a really crap hospital. It zoomed out farther. My legs were cut off at the knees and what was left of them was bandaged. SEE WHAT PREGNANCY DOES TO YOU?! SEE?!

New scene. I thought I was still myself. I had my legs back. I found myself in an empty city with wide roads. I had stumbled into a 1-million-mile race and started to run. I ran a bit like a monkey - kicking off with my legs, then with my arms. When I got enough speed I crossed one leg behind the other and just kicked off with my back leg and thrust my arms out to the sides and swam through the air, catching the wind.

I thought I was winning. I passed everyone. I wasn’t sure where the finish line was so I kept going. At one point me and the people behind me stopped at two white lines, thinking they were the finish.

“You’d think it would be more accentuated if it was the finish line, though.” one of them mused.

I took off again. Then, as if in a computer game, I heard a high pitched ‘prize’ sound and a purple name float up into the sky. Turns out someone was ahead of me the whole time! I sped up. I came second. I had won $500,000.

I went home to Ukraine, to the apartment in which we lived (it was in a tall apartment building in our old Ukrainian neighborhood). My mom was there. Then I wasn’t myself anymore- I was looking at us from the outside and switched between my own and my mom’s character. My mom found out that the me who finished the race wasn’t the me who was pregnant. The pregnant one was dead!

She got an invitation to the awards ceremony delivered to her (for the race) because I got the Silver medal for second place in the race. The invitation put her seat in the 33rd row!

“What if I come in a car? Will I still have to sit all the way back there?” She had a sneaky look in her eyes.

The man who delivered the invitation said: “No, ma’am, if you arrive by car you can have any seat you want.”

I woke up.

© - 2021 · Liza Shulyayeva ·