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Care Guide

Welcome to Rigel and K2’s Cat Care Guide! If you are unsure about anything feel free to contact any time, day or night.

The most important stuff

Emergency vet contacts

Name Phone Address Notes
Evidensia Djurkliniken Arninge 08-630 02 90 Mätslingan 18, 187 66, Täby Small clinic 5 min walk from apartment
AniCura Djursjukhuset Albano 08-505 304 00 Rinkebyvägen 21B, 182 36 Danderyd Large hospital about ~15 min drive away

In case of emergency, don’t worry about confirming with me before taking them to the vet. Just let me know as soon as possible, but go ahead and take them by car or taxi if something is wrong. Of course all vet and transport costs will be reimbursed.


Feeding schedule

Since you’ll be coming twice a day for 45 minutes each visit, the feeding schedule can look as follows:

They can only eat wet food (treats are OK, but dry food gives Rigel bladder issues). Any of the food in the cupboard next to the stove is fine, and sometimes they like a variety in different meals.

K2 usually eats next to the bathroom, and Rigel likes to eat near the front door, but they are not picky with locations. They can also eat on the balcony! Please watch K2 to see that she’s not eating too quickly and use one of the ceramic slow feeder plates (she can throw up).

They may not eat everything on the plates each time, and that’s fine.

They are both underweight, so don’t worry about feeding them too much. If you find that they happily eat more (without K2 throwing up), feel free to give more food.


Please wipe down the metallic bowl in the shower and refill with clean water at least once per day. There is also a water fountain in the bathroom. If the water level in the fountain is running low, please add some water there too (no need to wash fountain, I wash it once a week so will do it when I’m back).

Please be sure to keep toilet lit closed and the bathroom door open when you leave, so that they can get to their water (and don’t fall in the toilet :D)



The Litter Robot should take care of the main daily litterbox cleaning.


I’ve left some toys in the cupboard near the stove. They really like human attention, so please try to play with them, pet them, or even just keep them company on the balcony for the time you’re here. They like someone being with them!

WiFi password

If you feel like studying or browsing or whatever while you’re here, the WiFi password is on the bottom of the router in the living room. Feel free to use it, and stay as long as you want.


To wash their plates or anything you can either do it by hand with the dishwahing liquid at the sink or use the dishwasher. The cupboard under the sink contains dishwasher pellets (the 30 minute setting is the one I usually use).



Portrait of Rigel
  • Age: 7
  • Personality: Friendly, curious
  • Likes: Being talked to, going out on the balcony
  • Dislikes: Baths, being ignored when asking for attention.
  • Something to watch out for: May try to bolt outside if not careful. If that happens you may have to go after him along the walkway and carry him back.


Portrait of Kaytu
  • Age: 7
  • Personality: Nice, hungry
  • Likes: Being fed, attention
  • Dislikes: Not being fed
  • Something to watch out for: Has tendency not to chew food and regurgitate.
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