Apple's big announcement...

This week is just full of disappointing press releases - for me, anyway. Really, Apple? The Beatles on iTunes? That’s your big announcement? I’m sure The Beatles are great and all (I’ve never been a fan), but it seems like this annoucement doesn’t really live up to the hype at all. It’s as if Apple thinks their music was lost to the world and now, finally, Steve Jobs saves us all by releasing it on what is obviously the only music source any of us ever use - the great and all-power iTunes. Is Apple feeling like they need to overhype anything they can get their hands on these days? Thanks, Steve. You saved the day again.

Now, here are some of my ideas for what a truly exciting announcement from Apple would be:

We can now drag and drop music

I remember my old Archos Mp3 player. Oh, I loved it so much. Loading music onto my device was a simple matter of dragging and dropping it to a folder. Amazing! If Apple suddenly announced that we can now do this with our iPods and iPhones, I would be in heaven. And have Steve’s babies.

Steve Jobs is retiring

This would be big. Not as big as the drag and drop, but of course still an announcement worthy of being labeled “exciting”. Where will I get my black turtleneck fix from now on? WHERE?

iOS is going open source

Very realistic, of course. Psht.

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