Snaily Updates are going to be really brief posts with some short “daily” updates on SnailLife. I haven’t updated in a while because I’ve mostly just been refactoring and bug fixing. But it’s important, and even though I’m not working on new features right now I still want to document some of my progress and what I do each day.

  • Fixed an issue with migration to dead snail table trying to set snail position in a non-existent jar.
  • Added message template for egg hatching
  • Renamed UserMessageManager to UserMessageSender
  • Renamed SnailHistoricalEventManaer to SnailHistoricalEventGenerator
  • Get rid of BreedingController as everything it was used for is now in more specific classes
  • Get rid of SnailOrganController
  • Get rid of TrainingController since there is now no unique training functionality - all snail conditioning is done via interaction in jars and pre/post race action assignments.