Answering questions or helping other people seems to be a good way for me to learn more about a language. I’ve been trying to be more active on the Go forums for this reason, answering questions as they pop up (especially focusing on the ones that may not have gotten much attention). Even a very simple question can get you to go down a rabbit hole and learn more as you’re formulating an explanation as part of the answer.

When you’re helping coordinate a workflow switch between half a dozen different studios, making sure all tools support new workflow, and shipping at the same time:

gif of puzzle pieces coming together

My worm bin is about a month old now, which is still very early by worm bin standards. Today I dug around in there and look at the nice active worms I found! I was worried about it before but now I’m hoping it might just be ok.

→ Vermicomposting

Let’s talk about Perforce.

→ 10 to 1 Rule

Similarly, the ratio of “code churn” to “lines of code” in mature and non-trivial software is also at least 10:1. Keep this in mind the next time a manager or customer asks you for a time estimate! To build a 10,000 line app, expect to write roughly 100,000 lines.

Random UAC permissions for C# applications notes:

Do we really need to know about Randy’s young-age staple remover obsession?