I am sorry in advance for what you are about to read. If witnessing the evolution of a mere human into Crazy Cat Lady is something you may find disturbing, turn back now and pretend you never came to this godforsaken place.

I got my cats a cat stroller. Specifically…this cat stroller (in green). This thing had better last us for life.

First, reasoning (aka excuses):

  • Our cats like being outside, both on our cat-enclosed porch and on harnesses in the shared yard. BUT they can’t really walk like a dog does (it’s more like they walk and we follow them around), which makes it difficult to show them new places.
  • Our cats are heavy. Rigel has pretty much outgrown his original plastic carrier (which wasn’t that great quality to begin with). A cat stroller would provide a more comfortable method of transportation (such as to the vet) for both me and him - I don’t have to lug a heavy cat around in a carrier and he gets a much more smooth and comfy ride.
  • Here in Stockholm it is perfectly acceptable to take your pets on public transport. Having had to take Rigel on public transport before, I know how stressful it can be. All the new sounds and smells and people. One thing that doesn’t help is him being low down on the floor in his plastic carrier. Cats like to be up high. Aside from being more comfortable and roomy, the stroller gives the cats a higher position to sit in, hopefully helping them feel a little less stressed and intimidated.

So anyway, it came a few days ago. Here it is:

Pet Gear NV Pet stroller

Kaytu took to it straight away. She jumped in and I rolled her around the house. Rigel took a little longer, but eventually did the same thing.

Cat in Pet Gear stroller

A little later it was time for our first walk! We had a very quick walk around the small shared yard area out front. I didn’t want to go too far too soon and overwhelm them.

Pushing cat in cat stroller

Even David decided to partake in the Walk of Shame:

Cat stroller walk of shame

This morning we took our first longer trip. We didn’t go too far this time, just to a large playground with a small wooded area about a 5-10 minute walk away (in non-cat-stroller-time!)

Two Cats One Stroller

Kaytu seems to have taken a liking to the stroller as soon as it came, even faster than Rigel. But Rigel was more comfortable being outside at a new place. Maybe it’s because he’s been out of the house so much in taxis and on trains out of necessity. I parked the stroller near a bench (the foot brake has already come in handy) and opened the secure top cover. Both cats already had harnesses and their retractable leads on. Rigel stepped out onto the bench and went to explore the nearby bushy area straight away.

Rigel goes to explore

Kaytu, though, was uncomfortable. I don’t think she’s ever been this far from home. I put the cover down a little more to shade her from the outside world and we followed Rigel around in the stroller.

Nervous cat stroller cat

After some exploration we slowly made our way back in the direction of the house.

Cat exploring a bush

Cat next to cat stroller

We rode with the hood up, my holding the leads. Kaytu was a lot more comfortable by this time and sat up front sniffing around. Then she actually decided to jump down and do some exploring of her own.

Cat explores the world

At one point Rigel jumped back in the stroller, rode there for a few minutes, and then hopped back out to do more roaming.

Rigel cat jumps into cat stroller

Rigel the cat walks next to pet stroller

The cool thing is he actually WALKED most of the way home! Kaytu was content to stay in the stroller and be pushed around, but Rigel walked behind me. It was slow going - he’d walk a few seconds, then stop to look around. I would call him and he’d walk again, then stop again. I think he’s starting to learn what “Come” means!

Rigel learns to come!

At one point we were passed by a huge retriever looking dog. Rigel didn’t seem worried at all - he just sat there and looked at it. The owner made the dog sit a few meters away until the dog calmed down (it was very excited), muttering “Friend! Friend!” while pointing at Rigel. Finally Rigel got bored and headed back in the direction of home.

By the time we got back to the yard Rigel was sitting in the stroller and Kaytu was sitting on top of it - it was quite a sight.

Arriving home in cat stroller

Kaytu trying to figure ot what just happened

Cat on top of stroller