Fruit-eating goal setting

Posted on October 12, 2010 | 2 minute read

I have a confession to make: I eat absolute junk. I think the only thing keeping me from getting fat is skinny Ukrainian genes and the fact that I often forget or just can’t be bothered to eat.

I know that being skinny doesn’t mean being healthy or fit, so I’ve been trying to eat healthier…by that I just mean eat more fruit and vegetables. I have gotten a bit better, but am still far from healthy eating. I’ve compiled a rough guide for myself in terms of cutting down on junk:

  • I am allowed one junk food/unhealthy meal per week. This will usually be on Tuesdays during lunchtime, which is Honey Chicken day at the nearby cafe.

  • I am allowed chocolate twice per week for dessert and try to stick to healthier desserts (yoghurt, fruit) the rest of the time. *However I’m also allowed one mini-square of dark chocolate once per day. I’m using the excuse that dark chocolate in small amounts is healthy for you ;)

  • Things like bread, butter, and other not super healthy but not junk-food items are not off limits. I’m not worried about things that are said to cause weight gain as I already tend to eat too little; I don’t think it’ll do me any harm to eat as much bread as I want as long as I’m eating vegetables and other healthy items alongside.

Today I went to the shop and got a whole pile of fruit and some vegetables. Out of my entire grocery trip I only got two things that were unhealthy: a frozen vegetarian food snack box and a box with two frozen pizza slices. I got pomegranate, kiwi, tomatoes, ravioli with vegetable stuffing, sunflower seeds and banana chips, berry yoghurt, and other fairly healthy items (by my standards, anyway).

Tonight’s healthier-than-normal dinner included cherry tomatoes; olives; Bocconcini; avocado; and a garlic and coriander naan. That’s healthy-ish, right? Right???

Healthy-ish dinner

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