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Rigel eating

  • Underweight and picky, so we try to give him as much food as he’ll have.
  • Cannot eat dry food or seafood based food. Anything else (wet and non-fishy) is good to go!
  • Likes to eat on top of the kitchen counter from ceramic plate


In kitchen cupboard labelled “CAT FOOD” you will find a shelf labelled “RIGEL” - these are some foods you can try if he is feeling picky or not eating that well. You can also try anything on the shelf labelled KAYTU in the same cupboard, but usually he is even less likely to go for those.

Raw food (usually he will demand this one)

There are frozen jars of homemade raw food in the freezer, top shelf (with labels). His ideal amount is at least 2 of these jars per day, but he is used to being fed multiple times a day so not sure how much he will eat with two feedings. I’d suggest giving half a jar at a time to start with and seeing how it goes to make sure he doesn’t regurgitate.

Raw chicken hygiene

If he doesn’t finish a raw chicken meal in ~15-20 minutes (or as soon as he walks away from it and is done) it can be covered with one of the ceramic bowls and placed back in the fridge for up to 24 hours (or if he leaves just a bite or so may as well let K2 have the leftover bite). It takes hours to defrost so I’d suggest moving one jar from the freezer to the fridge to defrost in the morning and one at night. In emergency can place in a bowl of cold water for faster thawing.


Also sometimes enjoys Applaws supplemetary food (provided in cupboard), but this is not a complete food so isn’t a replacement for the above.

If above are a no go he will sometimes eat Royal Canin Urinary SO or, maybe, Royal Canin Maine Coon wet (provided in cupboard). Basically anything wet and not fish based is ok to try to feed him, but usually he will demand the raw chicken meals. Also see Pet Feeder below.

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Microchip Feeder

Rigel has a SureFeed microchip feeder. In addition to his raw food, which he can eat normally from a ceramic plate, please put some non-raw wet into the feeder when you come (and throw away whatever is left from the last session). He can nibble on it throughout the day or (usually) very early in the morning between meals. The feeder will not let K2 steal his food. Examples of food you can stick in there:

  • 1 packet of Royal Canin Urinary S/O (mixed with a tiny bit of water)
  • Same amount as above of the Mjau turkey can.
  • Anything else you think he might eat that is not fishy or dry

Operating feeder

  • Just press the biggest button on the back to make the flap open
  • The rubber bowl inside can then be removed and washed by hand (not dishwasher safe)
  • Press the biggest button again (same one) to close the flap.
  • Ideally position feeder against the wall or edge of a counter (to make it so that he can’t try to approach it from the back - the microchip reader only works if he sticks his head through the big plastic frame)

SureFlap Pet feeder

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He does not usually regurgitate but his appetite usually isn’t big enough to eat too much. But it HAS happened before and I wouldn’t be surprised if with fewer daily feedings he will be hungry enough to eat too much in one sitting. So I’d give him half a jar at a time to start and see how it goes (maybe try half when you get here and half when you leave, if he’ll even eat that much).

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He isn’t really into treats much but does like to eat his glucosamine supplement (called Seraquin and provided near the rest of his food). He can have one of these supplement pills once a day. There are some other treats collected in the cupboard that you can try if you want, but he will likely just ignore them :)

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