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  • Eats like a vacuum cleaner
  • Cannot eat dry food or seafood based food. Anything else (wet and non-fishy) is good to go!

In kitchen cupboard labelled “CAT FOOD” you will find a shelf labelled “KAYTU” - she can eat anything in there (and any of Rigel’s leftovers).

She should eat about 1-1.5 Mac’s cans per day. This stuff can be left out longer than Rigel’s chicken as it is not raw and she will usually come back to munch on it over the course of 30 minutes or so. She’s a pretty consistent eater so it’s usually safe to even leave it if you have to go, she won’t leave it long enough for it to go bad (and anything she leaves for too long she won’t touch since it will get dry). She can also eat any Rigel leftovers (like if you can see that his defrosted raw jar might go bad before he will finish it, she can have it while it is still fresh)


She does have a tendency to eat too fast and regurgitate, especially if there are obvious globs of fat in there. So you can break it down to a fine mush with a fork and make sure all the bits of fat are broken and dispersed, then she doesn’t hoover down huge chunks and throw up.


Doesn’t go for many treats but there is a selection of them in the cupboard that you can try if you’d like.

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