A cycling adventure

On Sunday we went on a day-long bike ride to Lake Mälaren. We didn’t get as far as we’d planned, but it was still a great day. The day started with a bang (a literal bang when the tyre on David’s Brompton burst that morning right before the ride). There was a moment of panic as we thought that the trip we’d been planning for a week or so was potentially ruined.

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The scenic route

This morning I decided to wake up earlier and take a different route to work on Deider (the bike). The ride didn’t have to take as long as it did - I managed to stop every three minutes to admire the view and take bad photos on my phone. Oh and happy New Year!

Bromptoning it up

If you follow me on Twitter you likely would’ve seen my photos of a silly looking contraption with tiny wheels. Meet Deider, the Brompton folding bike: I named him Deider after the Polish Arabian gelding I rode when working at a horse farm in Alabama. He was the best horse ever and, like the Brompton, was on the small side. The choice to get a silly looking folding bike rather than a “proper” bike stemmed from two things:

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