Care Guide

Welcome to Rigel and Kaytu’s Cat Care Guide! If you are unsure about anything feel free to contact any time, day or night.

The most important stuff:

  • Watch out when entering the house. Make sure the porch gate is closed and there is no broken netting because Rigel will sometimes bolt down the stairs to go outside. They are not outside cats and can only sit on the enclosed porch.
  • If there is a medical emergency, please don’t hesitate to take them to the vet, we will pay for whatever treatment they need, taxi, and anything else (closest hospital is AniCura Bagarmossen animal hospital and they are open 24/7. They have seen both Kaytu and Rigel and have especially worked with Rigel a lot).

Feeding Instructions

Both cats can eat each others' foods. Rigel usually goes for the raw frozen food, but K2 eats it as well sometimes and that’s fine - the most important part is that they eat.

For each cat, the ideal daily food amount is about 2 (or more) smaller raw food containers or one full large one. In wet canned, the ideal amount is at least 4-5 cans per cat. However, they are unlikely to eat this much in just two visits, and they will probably end up mixing and matching foods and nibbling when you’re not there.

I suggest, when you get there, putting a heaped tablespoon or so of raw on a plate for Rigel (maybe outside if they’re on the porch, but he might come asking for it inside), and put an entire can of Gourmet or other wet food on another plate for K2 (right in front of her nose). They may decide to eat each others' food, that’s totally fine.

They may not eat everything before you go. The wet food can be kept out upstairs for them to nibble, and you can also put out two more cans of wet food on two separate plates (maybe different flavors) right when you leave. They will likely eat some before you come again next time. The raw can also be kept out if it is cool enough (Rigel sometimes waits a bit to eat it), but if it is very hot like it has been the past week the raw should be thrown out. Whatever they leave can be thrown out next time you come, since it’ll be old by then.

You can also leave a bit of dry in the blue ceramic bowl for them to snack on during the day (this one doesn’t have to be thrown out with each visit, it lasts longer)

Please don’t worry about throwing away a lot of uneaten food - they are not the easiest cats to feed and do leave a lot of food uneaten.

  • Water: There are three water bowls - please change the water at least once every 24 hours (they also don’t like to have any filmy residue on the edge of the bowls and will drink more of it’s rubbed off)

Litter & Bathroom Habits

  • Rigel has a history of urinary problems. If possible keep an eye on how many pee clumps you extract from the boxes, should be more than one per day.
  • You may notice that the poops you find in the box are on the dry-er harder side. This is probably Rigel’s - it is normal when eating grain free food and since he eats a lot of raw his poop is usually harder and smaller. K2’s poop is the opposite because she eats less raw - it’ll likely be very stinky.
  • You might find some really big pee clumps. This is normal (both cats have quite large pees, but Rigel’s can be crazy big: not only does he have a naturally big bladder, but it has also been distended and stretched after his issues so now he pees higher volumes). Don’t worry if you find a massive pee clump, as long as there is pee it’s all good!


  • K2 just has the pads to wipe her bald patch with and the cream next to them at the top of the fridge door.
  • There is Seraquin on the counter - this is a supplement, they can both eat it once a day but it is especially for Rigel. It’s fine if he doesn’t get this, it just helps reinforce his bladder. If you remember, just drop a piece in front of him and he will usually eat it (it’s fine if he decides not to, though, or if you forget)


  • The cupboard under the sink contains dishwasher pellets - feel free to use it if you’re running out of plates (the 30 minute setting is the one we usually use)
  • There have been some reports of apartment breakins - please lock the deadbolt as well as the normal top lock when leaving.
  • Please keep bathroom doors closed when you’re not there - there is lots of stuff they can get into in there.



Portrait of Rigel

  • Age: 4 (as of July 22!)
  • Personality: Friendly, curious, chirpy, bad appetite
  • Likes: Being talked to, going out on the porch.
  • Dislikes: Baths, poop or vomit on floor (tries to clean up), being ignored when asking for attention.
  • Favorite food dish: Ceramic plates
  • Something to watch out for: May try to bolt outside if not careful (kind of knows "wait" and "free" commands but will still bolt if he thinks he can get away with it).


Portrait of Kaytu

  • Age: 3
  • Personality: Nice, goofy, independent
  • Likes: Being fed (rolls over for food), getting attention. Although she is sometimes picky with food and you have to put it right in front of her nose to get her to eat it. She also likes being fed on her little gray pillow on the porch (see pic below)
  • Dislikes: Not being fed.
  • Favorite food dish: Anything ceramic.
  • Something to watch out for: Has tendency not to chew food and regurgitate. Also regurgitates if she eats Rigel's raw food and then her wet food too close to each other.

K2 on gray pillow