Welcome to Rigel and Kaytu’s Cat Care Guide! If you are unsure about anything feel free to contact any time, day or night.

The most important stuff:

  • Watch out when entering the house. Make sure the porch gate is closed and there is no broken netting because Rigel will sometimes bolt down the stairs to go outside. They are not outside cats and can only sit on the porch under supervision.
  • If there is a medical emergency, please don’t hesitate to take them to the vet, we will pay for whatever treatment they need, taxi, and anything else (closest hospital is AniCura Bagarmossen animal hospital and they are open 247. They have seen both Kaytu and Rigel and have especially worked with Rigel a lot).
  • Due to previous urinary issues, Rigel can’t have any seafood based food. They should also only be given wet food, no dry (more info on food pages below)

Feeding Instructions

  • Feeding Rigel
  • Feeding Kaytu
  • Water: There are two water bowls - please change the water at least once every 24 hours (they also don’t like to have any filmy residue on the edge of the bowls and will drink more of it’s rubbed off)

Litter & Bathroom Habits


  • Feel free to open windows, just not the big ones - the small narrow ones on the side of the big ones have protective foam/netting that the cats can’t get past. Those can be opened if you’d like or if it seems a bit stuffy.
  • The cupboard under the sink contains dishwasher pellets - feel free to use it if you’re running out of plates (the 30 minute setting is the one we usually use)
  • There have been some reports of apartment breakins - please lock the deadbolt as well as the normal top lock when leaving.
  • There are some brushes in the kitchen drawer labelled “CAT THINGS”, if you feel like brushing them (sometimes they like it, especially Kaytu)
  • Please keep bathroom doors closed when you’re not there - there is lots of stuff they can get into in there.



Portrait of Rigel
  • Age: 2
  • Personality: Friendly, curious, chirpy
  • Likes: Being talked to, laser pointer, going out on the porch.
  • Dislikes: Baths, poop or vomit on floor (tries to clean up), being ignored when asking for attention.
  • Favorite food dish: Brown ceramic plates (the smaller version), or failing that anything else ceramic (doesn't like plastic much)
  • Something to watch out for: May try to bolt outside if not careful (kind of knows "wait" and "free" commands but will still bolt if he thinks he can get away with it).


Portrait of Kaytu
  • Age: 2
  • Personality: Nice, goofy, independent
  • Likes: Being fed (rolls over for food), laser pointer, dangly toy
  • Dislikes: Too much touching (she's nice about it but walks away unless she's feeling really affectionate), not being fed.
  • Favorite food dish: Doesn't care, will eat from anything.
  • Something to watch out for: Has tendency not to chew food and regurgitate.